Notebook DOIs


The EarthCube notebooks have associated DOIs published through Zenodo. These can be used to cite the notebooks and obtain an archived versions of them.

EarthCube 2021 Notebooks

Hydrographic Ocean Data Exploration

Interactive Visualization Tools for Ocean Glider Data

Programmatic Access to OpenTopography’s Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF (COG) Global Datasets

xclim: Software ecosystem for climate services

cf-xarray: Scale your analysis across datasets with less data wrangling and more metadata handling

BC_01 Bias Corrected Estimation of Paleointensity

Toward autonomous detection of anomalous GNSS data via applied unsupervised artificial intelligence

Exploring Research Data Repositories with geoextent

Leveraging satellite data and pangeo to investigate the role of Gulf Stream frontal dynamics in ocean productivity

Machine Learning Guided Weather Analogs

ITS_LIVE Global Glacier Velocity Exploration and Analysis

Volcanic activity detection and noise characterization using machine learning

OGGM-Edu - Jupyter notebooks to learn and teach about glaciers

Real Time Alignment and Distribution of Weather Radar Data with Rain Gauge Data for Deep Learning using CHORDS

Investigating upper ocean variability during tropical cyclones and seasonal sea ice formation and melting: Argovis APIs exposed to co-locate oceanic and atmospheric datasets

Automated Machine Learning for Earth Science via AutoGluon

Diagnosing the Eliassen-Palm flux from a quasi-geostrophic double gyre ensemble

Mapping ice flow velocity using an easy and interactive feature tracking workflow