17. Notebook: Investigating upper ocean variability during tropical cyclones and seasonal sea ice formation and melting: Argovis APIs exposed to co-locate oceanic and atmospheric datasets

authors: Giovanni Seijo-Ellis, Donata Giglio, Sarah Purkey, Megan Scanderbeg, and Tyler Tucker

Last edit: 06/11/2021 9:19 pm MT


Version 02:

  • Large portions of code were consolidated into pre-defined functions.

  • All pre-defined functions were compiled into utilities.py and imported as part of the local library imports (Section 2.2). A list and description of the functions is found in Section 2.3 of the notebook.

  • Progress bars were added for data download and plotting functions where useful.

This notebook has been submitted to the EarthCube 2021 Annual Meeting.


Argovis is a web app and database that allows easy access to Argo profile observations of the global ocean and other earth science datasets using a browser and/or via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This notebook serves two main purposes: (i) introducing two new APIs available to access National Hurricane Center tropical cyclone (TC) track data and sea-ice concentration from the Southern Ocean State Estimate (SOSE), and (ii) leverage the capabilities of these APIs with interactive educational activities suitable for courses in oceanography and air-sea interactions. In addition, the notebook serves as a basis for research applications of the two APIs, e.g. to co-locate these datasets with oceanic observations (e.g. profiles of ocean temperature and salinity from Argo) for interdisciplinary research at the interface of different climate system components: the ocean, the atmosphere and the cryosphere.