EarthCube 2021 Notebooks

The NSF EarthCube program was created to advance cyberinfrastructure and technological practices in support of Geoscience research. A key aspect of that has long been a challenge with the sharing, reuse, and reproducibility of software and tools developed by the community. Towards this the EarthCube office (ECO) in conjunction with the Leadership Council (LC) and Technical Architecture Committee (TAC) piloted the notion of soliciting peer reviewed notebooks as scholarly objects to be published as part of the EarthCube annual meeting. Submitted notebooks would highlight a tool (i.e. software, service, library, dataset, standard), explaining and demonstrating interactively how the tool may be used to address a significant problem in geoscience. Submissions are then peer reviewed in terms of their impact on geoscience research and overall usability by reviewers from the geoscience and cyberinfrastructure communities. The accepted notebooks can be found here as part of this JupyterBook serving as the 2021 EarthCube Annual Meeting proceedings.

Notebook Organizing Committee:

  • Hugh Shanahan - Royal Holloway, University of London

  • Matt Turk - University of Illinois

  • Ryan Abernathey - Columbia University

  • Keith Maull - NCAR

  • Donata Giglio - University of Colorado, EarthCube TAC

  • Lynne Schreiber - SDSC, UCSD - EarthCube Office

  • Daniel S. Katz - University of Illinois - EarthCube Office

  • Kenton McHenry - University of Illinois - EarthCube Office

Notebook Reviewers:

  • Anderson Banihirwe (UCAR)

  • Shay Carter (UNIDATA)

  • Gui Castelao (UCSD)

  • Julien Chastang (UNIDATA)

  • Kelly Enloe (University of Colorado)

  • Brian Grivna (University of Minnesota)

  • Christopher Havlin (University of Illinois)

  • Spencer Jones (Columbia)

  • Phong Le (University of Illinois)

  • Trevor Leonard (University of Colorodo)

  • Zhiyu Li (University of Illinois)

  • Rupert Minnett (EarthRef)

  • Thomas Nicholas (University of York)

  • Chris Olson (UCSD)

  • Kevin Paul (UCAR)

  • Jessica Scheick (University of Maine)

  • David Shumway

  • Aiman Soliman (University of Illinois)

  • Charles Stern (University of Colorado)

  • Lisa Tauxe (UCSD)

  • Kristen Thyng (Axiom Data Science)

  • Wen-wen Tung (Purdue)

  • Ana Beatriz Villas Boas (UCSD)

  • Kunxuan Wang (University of Illinois)

  • Carol Willing (Project Jupyter)

  • Bidhyananda Yadav (Ohio State University)

  • Whyjay Zheng (UC Berkeley)